Meru National Polytechnic was upgraded from Meru Technical Training Institute in 2016 and has been in operation since 1956 when it was started by the Meru County Council to train the youth in various practical skills.It was then known as Gitoro Technical. In 1964, the school was handed over to the regional education office and it became Meru Technical school, offering two year duration courses.

In 1969 the school was upgraded to a technical vocational Training school and the course duration extended to three years.In the same year,the first form one students were admitted to be prepared for KJSE(Kenya Junior Secondary School Examination) Technical at the end of two years.Those who passed and wished to continue to form three and four were transferred to MIOME (Mombasa Institute of Muslim Education) the present day Mombasa Polytechnic.Those who remained were for further one year before joining the labour market.

In 1973,the school was once more upgraded to a Technical secondary school and the terminal examination became East African Certificate of Education.In 1985 the secondary cycle started being phased out so that it became a Technical Training Institute in May 1986.It admitted the first artisans students and ACNC(Accounts clerk National Certificate)students

The first craft students were admitted in 1997 and the first CPA students were admitted in 1988.In 1997 the first diploma students were admitted .At present the institute has more than 20 Diploma courses,12 Craft courses,4 Artisan courses.Currently the institute has 84 members of teaching staff and 32 Non-Teaching staff members,ans a student Population of about 1,200 students.