Agriculture students will have knowledge, skills and altitude required to compete in job market and a broad opportunity to establish careers in many areas of interest including self employment, government and private sectors. The department focuses on producing competent agriculturalists with necessary skills and knowledge for playing an effect role in feeding the nation and enhancing economic development of Kenya in general.The department of agriculture is committed on trainings and development of agricultural professionals who are qualified resourceful, innovative and who are able to use problem solving skills in promoting agricultural production

The focus of training is to enhance knowledge and skills in pursuit of finding ways of handling environmental changes that continues to challenge the agricultural sector. This is done through involvement of learners in practical work including Agricultural research, practical work and field attachments


CourseDurationEntry requirementExam
Diploma in Agriculture (Module I) Diploma 3 Terms Sandwich KCSE C-(minus) mod2 pass in mod1 or passed Craft Certificate KNEC
Diploma in Agriculture(Module II) Diploma 3 Terms Sandwich pass(or above) in module I KNEC
Craft certificate in General Agriculture) Craft certificate 8 Terms Sandwich KCSE D(plain) KNEC