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E-Learning Portal: http://elearn.mnp.ac.ke/elearn/



The Polytechnic has a total of 10 hostels; 5 men hostels and ladies hostels. The hostels are allocated on first come first serve basis.Students are allowed to select the rooms they wish to stay in.


MNP has a very active guidance and counseling department whose objective is to assist students and the entire MNP community in developing self knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth in all aspects of human development. The department seeks to address and resolve students problems as well as assisting them cope in times of crisis so that they can remain focused on their academic pursuits.

Sports and Recreation

MNP has an active sports and games department whose focus is making MNP a competitive center of excellence in sports training and recreation.The department focuses on offering recreational and leisure opportunity for students and staff as well as availing an opportunity for students to compete in local,national and international championships.

Students Union

MNP has got an active student congress headed by the prime minister who is elected by the students themselves.